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Theatre Education

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Master of Education in Theatre Education


Theatre Department

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Brenda May Ito

Second Advisor

Lawrence Dooley

Third Advisor

Krystal Kennel


Theatre and religion have often found themselves at opposing spectrums since Thespis stepped out from the chorus. This conflict usually plays out in the audience's response to what is presented on the stage. Fiddler on the Roof relies on the tradition and values of the Jewish faith to create an authentic experience for the audience. Godspell is based on the parables, mostly from the Gospel of St. Matthew. Some people have an issue with the fact that the musical doesn't have a resurrection, but Tebelak and Schwartz meant the play to reflect joy and community. Experiencing The Book of Mormon is less about learning what The Church of Latter Day Saints teaches and is more about how the Church responded to the satirical musical. The LDS used the show as an opportunity to proselytize. The theatrical “covers” of the three books offer audiences an authentic experience for the shows they represent.