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Theatre Education

Degree Type

Master of Education in Theatre Education


Theatre Department

First Advisor

Brenda May Ito

Second Advisor

Lawrence Dooley

Third Advisor

Krystal Kennel


Social justice curricula are often solely geared toward middle and high school students. I intend to prove that a social justice curriculum can be creatively paired with a theatre curriculum. I also intend to prove that social justice can be taught as young as pre-kindergarten. I will design a social justice curriculum for various grade levels, beginning with pre-kindergarten. Through research and age-appropriate strategies, I will develop curriculum goals and learning experiences for all grade levels. The curriculum is not an end point for teachers, but rather a starting point for theatre teachers who want to integrate social justice into their curriculum. Learning experiences will be tied to Teaching Tolerance’s Social Justice standards. Although defining social justice is a complicated process, for the purpose of this paper I will define social justice as the process and the goal of achieving equity in a democratic society.