Date of Award





Doctor of Education

Degree Type



Counseling, Foundations & Leadership

First Advisor

Christopher Garretson

Second Advisor

Parul Acharya

Third Advisor

Marguerite Yates


There is a national achievement gap between male and female students in the United States. A common recommendation to reduce this achievement gap has been to hire more male teachers. The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions that elementary administrators and teachers have of male teachers’ influence on male student growth in English Language Arts. In order to measure perceptions, a five-point Likert scale survey was adapted from an existing qualitative questionnaire. A pilot study was conducted, an Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analyses were performed, and the survey was found valid and reliable to measure four constructs of teacher influence: Relationships, Role Models, Classroom Management and Achievement/Learning. Using a quantitative correlational research design, the survey was administered online to 153 teachers and administrators. Correlation analysis was conducted, and non-linear regressions were used to examine four individual research questions. There were no statistically significant results revealed in any of the regression equations. Major conclusions drawn were that elementary administrators and teachers perceive that more male teachers are needed, elementary administrators and teachers rate female teachers higher on the four constructs, male teachers are perceived to be better role models for male students, and the perception of male teachers’ influence did not impact the male Student Growth Percentile on the Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessment.