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Theatre Education

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Theatre Department

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Larry Dooley

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Brenda May

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Krystal Kennel


In this thesis I will be presenting a variety of practices that I believe will promote racial unity in theatre. I have included lesson plans and games that will help instructors create an open environment for students of all races. I will present research from theatre experts to conclude my best practices to create a more unified ensemble and culturally diverse curriculum in my theatre program, as well as present a list of activities, lesson plans, and production methods for directors and teachers to consider implementing. We as instructors must look critically at ourselves and our world view to begin this work to create a relaxing and accepting atmosphere for our ensemble. Once trust and social equality are established, your ensemble can participate in many mediums mentioned in this thesis such as puppetry, Theatre of the Oppressed, forum theatre, and more. Not every process or production will be right for your ensemble, but these practices could offer a valuable resource nonetheless.