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Music Performance - Vocal Performance


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The author has explored the poetic elements and musical settings of “Mignon Lieder” composed by Robert Schumann based on the text from Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship. The author has compared the poetic and musical structures of each song from the “Mignon Lieder”, in order to capture the essence of Schumann’s compositional style as well as the performance practice needed specifically for his lieder. These topics are directly linked to the close relationship between text and music and the ability to blend the two for a meaningful performance. Also, an analysis of Mignon, the character of which the “Mignon Lieder” were written, will be briefly discussed in order to bring a more in depth awareness to the reader. Overall, the exploration of these topics should bring more insight and further research for singers and pianists who will or have performed Schumann’s lieder.

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