Teachers' Perceptions of the Benefits and Barriers About the Use of Technology Within Individual Classrooms


Jodi Head

Date of Award





Doctor of Education


This study evaluated teachers’ perceptions of the use of technology within individual classrooms and how benefits and barriers in education affect their beliefs. The researcher conducted the study within a public, elementary school within the state of Georgia. A mixed methods approach was used to conduct the research, in order to collect the data. The quantitative method used was a Likert-type survey that was submitted to the researcher anonymously. The qualitative method used was a single, focus group with the participants that took part in the survey. They were asked a series of questions that pertained to the survey results. The data was analyzed and several conclusions were formed based on this information. Participants felt that the benefits and barriers play an equal role when using technology within the classroom. Although the benefits overpowered the barriers and were perceived to have more influence among the participants.

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