Date of Award





Computer Science - Applied Computing Track

Degree Type



TSYS School of Computer Science

First Advisor

Shamim Khan

Second Advisor

Radhouane Chouchane

Third Advisor

Hoda Mehrpouyan


The rationale and motive for this thesis was to prove that no matter the size of a company and its particular value stream, the application of applied computer science principles with a reliance on computer modeling and simulation onto the factory floor process improves efficiencies and throughput through the reduction of downtime and/or process waiting. This thesis research specifically emphasized small businesses of between $2 and $20 million and was purposely limited to factory floor production processes and utilized standardized applied computer science techniques including simulation and modeling, microprocessor based factory floor intelligence devices. The results of this applied technology yields data driven decisions through established production management programs such as Six Sigma and Lean techniques. The resulting research shows that methodologies developed here can be used in market segments that can’t now afford to implement these efficiency programs and as such, the application of the proposals brought forth in this thesis should precipitate an increase in US Small Business manufacturing efficiencies.