Middle and High-School Teacher Perceptions of the Mathematics Georgia Standards of Excellence

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Public education in the United States had frequent curriculum changes throughout history. The curriculum initiatives of the past had a focus on improving education in schools based on one of four topics: (a) common standards, (b) preparing students for post-secondary education, (c) improving the quality of education, and (d) increasing the rigor of the content (Wallender, 2014). In February 2015, the Georgia State Board of Education approved revisions to the Common Core Mathematics Curriculum, which was the third set of mathematics curriculum standards implemented in Georgia since 2012. The standards were named The Georgia Standards of Excellence Mathematics Curriculum (GSE). With the change in curriculum, there were expectations for changes in teacher practice, student performance, testing, and accountability measures in middle and high-school mathematics. For the purposes of this study, the researcher examined middle and high-school teachers’ perceptions of the Georgia Standards of Excellence Mathematics Curriculum in one South Georgia school district. The information in this study provided insight on teachers’ perceptions of the Georgia Standards of Excellence Mathematics Curriculum. With this knowledge of teachers’ perceptions, policymakers and administration could possibly determine effective methods to support teachers through the process of curriculum change.

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