Analysis of Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of the Importance of the Arts as a Means of Instruction in the Classroom

Date of Award

Spring 2016




Doctor of Education


Counseling, Foundations & Leadership


In recent years, the arts have been utilized and recognized as a vital part of instruction. There has been little research, however about the perceptions and attitudes that pre-service teachers have about the use of arts integration as a means of instruction in the general education classroom. In this study, data collected from 71 pre-service teachers revealed that pre-service teachers perceive that arts integration is an important part of the educational process for students. While they perceive that the arts are important, they hold some apprehension for their ability to effectively provide instruction in particular art forms. Over half (59.2%) of the participants reported that they are currently actively engaged in some type of art form in their daily lives. In addition, 84.5% received instruction and even performed in some art form. Motivation for the future use of arts integration once they become practicing teachers includes the ability to reach various learning styles, support, student engagement, data showing student benefits and training in arts integration.

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