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William S. Birkhead


The objective of this project was to determine the relative abundance of medium- sized mammals on the Callaway Preserve in Harris County, Georgia, using the scent- station technique, to determine species preference in regard to habitat, to compare relative abundance of species in regard to habitat, and to compare habitats in terms of the species present. Thirty-six scent-stations were established on the property and monitored to observe the presence of coyotes, raccoons, armadillos, foxes, opossums, and skunks. Of the total number of visits to the scent-stations, 36.36 % were coyotes, 18.18% were foxes 22.73% were armadillos, and 22.73% were raccoons. Only one opossum and no skunks visited the stations, thus the data was not included. The visitations of four species, coyotes, foxes, armadillos, and raccoons, were compared with respect to three types of habitat: Upland Hardwoods / Ridge, Upland Pines, and Mixed Hardwoods / Pines. The statistical significant difference in coyote observations suggested that they prefer the Upland Hardwoods / Ridge habitat. The lack of statistical, significant difference in other species observations suggested that these species have no habitat preference. The results indicated there was no significant difference in relative abundance of these species among these habitats. Also, the results indicated there was no significant difference in species richness among these habitats.


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