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Schwob School of Music

First Advisor

Robert Rumbelow


This thesis will explore Kenneth Hesketh's "Vranjanka" in both analytical and educational domains. Timothy and Hilary Reynish commissioned this piece in 2005 in memory of their son William. Tim Reynish is the former conductor of the Royal Northern College of Music's Wind Ensemble. He has also been deeply involved with the Commissioning Project of the Royal Northern College of Music (1982-2002), which produced over seventy compositions for wind band, and the William Reynish Commissioning Project (2002-2007) that has commissioned over twenty works for wind band. The piece is based on the Serbian Folksong Sano Duso. Vranjanka, literally translated, means "from Vranje," a small city in the southern portion of Serbia. To understand the structure of the Serbian folksong, the history of Serbia and its musical influences must be explored. Part I of this thesis addresses the history of the Republic of Serbia including its musical influences, Part II is an analytical view of the composition "Vranjanka," Part III is a short biography of the composer, Part IV presents an educational plan including materials for conductors, and Part V contains resources that would be suitable to distribute to students performing this work.