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Modern Language and Culture - Spanish Literature and Culture Track


Modern & Classical Languages

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Alyce Cook


For the purpose of the present thesis, our discussion regarding the historical occurrence of trafficking and murder of women from lower socioeconomic groups will begin with the Conquest and continue through to the present day disappearances and murders of women in Juarez. Mexico. We will confine our study to Latin America, although the phenomenon is universal in scope. Our intention is to link the fate of the Juarez victims to other women in Latin America who have suffered similar fates and to propose reasons why the practice occurs. We will begin with the written accounts of Cortes* conquest of Mexico and the role that his translator/slave played in the Conquest. We know that these historical narratives were composed by "eyewitness" accounts — often times "soldiers, English travelers and itinerant priests" (Rotker 51) — who were involved in the conquest of native groups. We will first focus on Hernan Cortes, and he is credited for usurping and in large part destroying the Aztec culture in 1521.


Honors Thesis