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Computer Science - Applied Computing Track


TSYS School of Computer Science

First Advisor

Stan Kurkovsky


There is a growing need for administrative panels such as the one described in this project. More and more website administrators wish to make changes to their online business without having to directly modify the database file. This project provides the perfect solution for this scenario by placing all database access on the World Wide Web. Administrators can now use this software to add, edit, and delete tables, fields, and records. Additionally, users will be able to generate queries without knowledge of Structured Query Language. This project acts as a summary of my computer science education at this university by requiring the following skills:

  • Database planning, design, and usage
  • Knowledge of HTML design and coding
  • Experience in planning and designing software projects
  • Knowledge of VBScript to code Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • Use of Javascript for client-side data validation
  • Practice in SQL generation and use of Recordsets
In its commencement, the project will simply function as an online interface surrounding an empty Access database. Then through links on a navigation menu, users will have the choice to manipulate tables, fields, and/or records on this project. Once the panel is completely able to modify an Access database through its interface, a fictional newspaper's administrative panel will be designed to implement this project. The newspaper panel will run the features of this panel once login authentication has been completed.


Honors Thesis