Date of Award

Fall 2000




English Language and Literature - English and Secondary Education Concentration


Teacher Education


As America enters the 2V l century, our systems of education must adapt to the changes in culture and technology. Our visions of the modern classroom are no longer limited to a room on a campus with a professor and a blackboard Many classes are going fully online, some are meeting only once a semester if at all. This type of learning and teaching opens the door for many complex questions: What is the most effective style of web site to use? How should the instructor form the requirements of the class? What should the instructor use for academic evaluation of the students taking the course? This study attempts to answer these questions with the formation of an online Eighteenth- Century British culture course. The Eighteenth Century was rich in historical and cultural importance It saw the beginning of the novel with Samuel Richardson and an outpouring of prose writing across the disciplines With figures such as Samuel Johnson, Christopher Wren, and Alexander Pope, British culture saw vital advances in areas of criticism, architecture, and literature An online course will provide a strong foundation of research, exposure, and analysis, conducive to student's achieving an effective grasp of the neoclassical and romantic eras.


Honors Thesis