Sustainability is one of CSU's six core values. CSU defines sustainability as the "commitment to behaviors that recognize and respect our environmental context." These collections recognize CSU's sustainability practices integrated into our infrastructure and operations, and illustrate how our community creates a living environment for multidisciplinary learning and applied research that advances sustainability in the region and beyond. Campus sustainability includes 15 areas of impact:

  1. Air & Climate
  2. Buildings
  3. Campus Engagement
  4. Coordination & Planning
  5. Diversity & Affordability
  6. Energy
  7. Food & Dining
  8. Grounds
  9. Investment & Finance
  10. Public Engagement
  11. Purchasing
  12. Transportation
  13. Waste
  14. Water
  15. Wellbeing & Work


Browse the Campus Sustainability Areas of Impact:

Coordination & Planning