In this study, I investigated the learning of one secondary mathematics teacher through observations in two class periods. I analyzed his learning in relation to the communities of practice framework and found reflection-in-action was instrumental in his learning. I characterized the teacher’s reflection-in-action with the descriptors: developmental, hypothetical, and experimental. Developmental reflection-in-action involved the development of new understandings or practices. Hypothetical reflection-in-action involved imagined future situations. Experimental reflection-in-action involved repeated trials. I propose that the use of a cycle of reflection-in-action in professional communities may have a positive impact on teacher learning.

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Theodore (Ted) J. Rupnow is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. His research interests include preservice and inservice teacher learning with a focus on learning in practice.

David Barker is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Illinois State University. His research interests include teacher knowledge and beliefs with a focus on knowledge integration and teacher development.

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