Many educators and members of the lay public have differing definitions and understandings of school physical education. Based largely on personal experience or perception, many believe that school physical education should merely be a time during the day where children and adolescents are physically active in an effort to produce healthy outcomes. However, this is not only an improbable outcome, it greatly limits opportunities for children to become proficient within the psychomotor learning domain. Because school physical education is the only subject area where the physical domain is strictly addressed, the purpose of this essay is to define, affirm, and depict an alternative to merely providing a fun and active curriculum in physical education for students. This alternative is known as “legitimate physical education,” and provides children with a true learning experience that can produce physically educated adults who have the skills, knowledge, and desire to engage in healthy and active lifestyles.

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Dr. Daniel Drost and Dr. John R. Todorovich are faculty within the Department of Exercise Science and Community Health at the University of West Florida. Mr. Keith Young is doctoral student at the University of West Florida

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