This study examined the effectiveness of the implementation of reading circles along with a wiki in an undergraduate special education methods course as a way to increase understanding and retention of course content. Reading circles offered a direct way to encourage reading of course content. In addition, the use of the wiki allowed the students to construct, discuss, revise, and fine-tune their understandings and interpretations of assigned readings. Both the reading circles and the wiki emphasized collaboration through an ongoing process and, as such, complemented each other in very powerful ways. The results of this study support the implementation of reading circles that utilize technology to teach course content in educator preparation courses. This study describes the implementation of an appropriate and effective teaching method that could be used in many higher education courses.

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Dr. Yvonne Hefner is an Assistant Professor of Special Education at Georgia Gwinnett College where she teaches and supervises special education teacher candidates. Her research interests include improvement in educator preparation, the education of students with mental health disorders, and special education teacher retention.

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