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6th Chalmers Street, Charleston, SC is important because it is where the Antebellum slave trade was once located. It was the last known slave facility that bought and sold people in South Carolina. In the Slave Voyage Database shows that the Carolinas in North America with a total of 151,481 disembarked, making the Carolinas having the most disembarked from Africa. Many people only picture men when they think of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. While men did play a big part in the slave voyages, women were also very prominent during this time. The majority of ships that took sail had an abundance of women on them. Not only did most ships have many women aboard, there are many that had generously more women than there were men. One ship called the Saint Jose Diligente was entirely made up of women with 0% males.

A big of the slaves that were transported were bought by Britain and Portugal. Britain And Portugal were going head to head trying to move into the new world or anywhere in the western hemisphere. Britain was the country to be second to Portugal being of the world.. Britain transported about 3.1 Million Slaves and Portugal transported about 5.8 Million. There were many ships that carried 50% or more children in a single voyage, and the amount of adults on the ship would be less than the amount of children. There were two ships that carried completely children one of which is unnamed, and the Amélia(4674) that arrived in the Caribbean. Besides these two ships there were other voyages that had 50% or more children, meaning that there were at times more children than adults, perhaps slavers found it easier to maintain children than adults

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