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The memorial is a full size slave ship that is accessible by a ramp in the front where statues of enslaved peoples can be seen exiting the ship The conditions in the memorial are meant to reflect those on a real slave ship therefore, visitors will be unprotected from the sun on deck and experience close quarters in a dark environment below the deck On deck is where most of the women and children will be found, some together and some alone Underneath the deck visitors will find a majority of men and older boys who are pushed into a very small area with various items including buckets for urine or feces and shackles From speakers located near white enslavers’ statues throughout the ship, visitors will be able to hear cruel language that will give them a feel for how captured people were treated The memorial will be located in St Croix The Caribbean is where over 50 of enslaved Africans were taken St Croix was one of the major ports in this area, meaning it is the perfect location for this memorial as the history is greatly unrepresented in the correct light This memorial will remind the public of their unfortunate history of slave labor and lack of human rights in a way that most memorials fail to address

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Columbus, Georgia


Slave Trade, Trans-Atlantic, St. Croix



Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Memorial in St. Croix

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