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For our project, we decided to memorialize the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade in the form of a museum. Our museum is going to be a replica of the Brierfield Plantation owned by Jefferson Davis, the only president of the Confederacy. This location is important because it was once one of the most profitable cotton plantations in the south. Cotton has been an essential crop for hundred s of years; today, it is found in almost every piece of clothing. Most people in developed countries don’t realize that their consumerism comes at a cost, that people thousands of miles away are being forced to work in horrible conditions to create the brand names they so desperately desire. With our museum, we intend to juxtapose the exploitation of labor during chattel slavery to modern day sweatshop slavery in order to raise awareness about this global issue. Those who visit the museum will be forced to pick their own cotton in order to receive a t shirt to commemorate their experience.

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Columbus, Georgia


Transatlantic Slave Trade, Jefferson Davis, Brierfield Plantation



Brierfield Plantation Museum

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