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Our memorial was inspired by the idea of the Trans Atlantic slave trade being glossed over in history. Understanding that people of all ages and genders were incorporated in this slave trade brought the idea of every statue within the memorial being a different gender or age. The memorial’s specific location, White Point Garden in South Carolina, was chosen due to South Carolina harboring a major port in which enslaved Africans were funneled in to America. The floor of the memorial would be a map representing the enslaved African diaspora. The palm trees surrounding the memorial’s location are to be incorporated in the memorial itself; they are in a triangle formation which can be used to represent the triangle trade within the Trans Atlantic slave trade . The memorial represents enslaved Africans in a circle chained together at the wrists. From a distance, it may look like a group holding hands. However, upon further inspection, you can see each individual chained to one another. The idea is not to deceive people, but for them to come to the realization of the enslaved people’s struggle for themselves. Circular Process of Labor

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Circular Process of Labor

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