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After extensive amount of research we collectively agreed we wanted to showcase this history by taking the audience through a journey. A journey that would depicted the horror and pain enslaved Africans had to endure while being forced to migrate from their homes to a foreign place. After force migrating to “The New World” the enslaved people had to suffer through forced labor on plantations that would expect them to be die on in the next two years of their life. We wanted to make this memorial completely raw and uncut, adding on to a already existing place to hit you right as you walking in. We wanted you to see the horror and pain in these enslaved Africans faces. We wanted you to be in there shoes, feel every moment, empathize with these humans. Humans that were considered as cows, horses, dogs, work animals. We did this by showcasing statues every step of the way, from being captured and put on a boat that you would most likely die on during the journey to a coffee/cotton plantation where you would lose you true identity all the way down to you last name. Where you would be whipped out of the idea that it was better to be a slave rather than to be free. We wanted everyone to see how much history was lost and how this forced migration was the backbone of World History.

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Slavery, Slave Trade, Charleston, South Carolina, Old Slave Mart



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