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Valongo Wharf is located in central Rio De Janeiro and encompasses the entirety of Jornal de Commercial Square.

Historical significance: The lowest level of the wharf contains pavings in the pé de moleque style which is attributed to the original Valongo Wharf. The later layer is aspects of the empress wharf that came later. From data from Unesco. Org and the slave voyage database, roughly 1/5th of the 5 million slaves that arrived in Brazil came in through Valongo wharf. Valongo Wharf was at first related to various other historical structures, such as warehouses, quarantine facilities, the lazaretto, and the New African cemetery. How ever, the wharf is all that remains. This makes the wharf one of the few remains of a greater narrative of the slave trades disembarkment points in Rio De Janeiro. All that is at the Valongo wharf today is a column to remind those who pass of the late empress wharf. With t he empress wharf failing to express the deep historical significance that the Valongo wharf holds it is the perfect place for a memorial

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Valongo Wharf, Rio De Janeiro, Transatlantic Slave Trade



Valongo Wharf Transatlantic Slave Trade Memorial

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