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For our museum we chose to design it as a walkthrough of a ship used during the Transatlantic trade. Through research we were able to understand how slaves on the ship were treated. We were able to understand that slaves were confined to small spaces while linked together with others during voyages. With this we were able to gather ideas on the layout of our museum. First we chose to put a set of metal chains in the museum to give a sense of how slaves had to be transported. As you walk through you will see what it was like for a slave to be living on the ship. In part of the museum we will have small boxes where someone can sit down and get a feel of how slaves were confined to space while aboard the ship. While sitting there will be a pair of headphones to put on so you will be able to hear the sound of the ocean and other voices.

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Columbus, Georgia


Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, Slave Trade



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