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The CSU ePress Publishing Directions for Theses and Dissertations is for students publishing their theses or dissertations in the CSU ePress. It describes copyright information for students, along with a detailed look at Creative Commons licenses and how they are used in the CSU ePress.

Publishing Guidelines for Thesis and Dissertations

Step 1: Submit Submission Approval Form

The submission Approval Form give the CSU ePress the permission to post your work (Thesis or Dissertation). To access the Submission Approval Form, please go to: The following page will appear:

You may choose an embargo period of 2 years in which to delay the posting of the thesis or dissertation located on the second page of the form.

Step 2: The thesis/dissertation final version should be submitted in a PDF file format. Then should be submitted to the Defense Panel’s chair. The Defense Panel’s chair will follow the directions provided under the section of this document labeled Directions for Thesis/Dissertation Defense Panel.

FAQs or questions about publishing thesis/dissertations please click

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Publishing Directions for Theses and Dissertations for Students