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Fall 2015

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MidTown, Inc.


Columbus, GA


Established in 2005, MidTown, Inc., a self-identified community development organization, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. After a decade’s work, the organization is presently reviewing its activities as it takes a moment to consider its future trajectory. To facilitate this process MidTown, Inc. partnered with Columbus State University’s Columbus Community Geography Center to support MidTown, Inc.’s efforts. In fall 2015, nine students in CSU’s urban geography course, taught by Dr. Amanda Rees, researched and completed this report including: Celeb Ashburn, Cheltzie Brown, Eric Derhammer, Jessica Dixon, Kelsie Hughes, Rachel Knapp, Morgan Robinson, Anastasia Romain, and C.E. Sturgeon. An online report summary is also published at CSU’s Archives

In approaching this project, students developed two questions: What is Midtown (the region), and what MidTown, Inc.? To address those questions students prepared a short overview of Midtown’s expansion between the 1830s and 1970s and developed demographic date exploring age, racial and ethnic mix, and levels of education in each of Midtown’s block groups to better understand the population within this 6-square mile district. Students created a short history of community development in the U.S. to place MidTown, Inc. within that broader context. Having conducted and then transcribed nine oral histories with people involved in the creation and evolution of MidTown, Inc., students drew upon those documents to develop a timeline of MidTown, Inc. along with a narrative history of the organization’s evolution.

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