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Jordan Brasher

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New Georgia Project


Columbus, Georgia


Dr. Jordan Brasher created this map in partnership with the New Georgia Project (NGP) during the November 2020 election cycle. NGP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan voter education, registration, and advocacy organization. Dr. Brasher used address data provided by NGP to map hotspots of densely clustered address points representing households with one or more suspected unregistered voters. Red hotspots on the map represent statistically significant spatial clusters of suspected unregistered voters; blue coldspots represent places where the address data are more spread out (i.e., a lack of spatial clustering). Notable hotspots include downtown Columbus and several areas south and east of Macon Road. Once hotspots of suspected unregistered voters were identified (using the Getis-Ord* method in ArcGIS Pro), Dr. Brasher created neighborhood-scale maps of hotspot areas that canvassers used to maximize contact with suspected unregistered voters with hopes of getting them registered to vote the January 2021 Senate runoff -- an election that saw an historic voter turnout that more than doubled the previous record (set in 2008) for voter turnout in a runoff election.

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