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HONS 3555: Psychology of Harry Potter

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Bullying, Teachers, Education, Harry Potter, Psychology, Columbus State University


In our case study, the Battle of Hogwarts, we decided to address the problem of bullying by teachers against students in the forms of discrimination, indoctrination, and maltreatment of students and how that might result in negative educational outcomes such as a lack of self-esteem, racist beliefs, discrimination, and stress. Students who were bullied before, during, and after the battle may have long-lasting problems that resulted from such instances of mistreatment. For example, professors such as Snape and the Carrows discriminated against Muggle-born students like Hermione. During the take-over of Hogwarts by the Death Eaters, Defense Against the Dark Arts was changed to the Dark Arts, therefore indoctrinating the students to Voldemort’s belief system. Finally, the use of the Cruciatus curse on misbehaving students was a form of maltreatment perpetrated by professors of Hogwarts. After reviewing the literature, as the founders of the New Age of Hogwarts, we have proposed a multidimensional and holistic solution that we will describe after defining our subject matter.


This is a class project for HONS 3555: Psychology of Harry Potter. This paper is published under the guidance of Dr. Aisha Adams.

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