Using training evaluation to improve practice: A lesson learnt from rolling out LMS upgrade training

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Training Initiatives and Strategies for the Modern Workforce

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© 2017 by IGI Global. All rights reserved. By providing you with a detailed description of our upgrade training case, we hopeyou would be able to (a) relate and compare our case descriptions, environment,processes to your organization and environment, (b) Identify similarities and differencebetween our cases, and (c) Develop possible action plan based on our lessonlearn to carry out your training and evaluations needs. In our lesson learned, lookfor tools that work best for you depending on your environment to conduct trainingand evaluations (Beebe et al., 2012). Locate or create your training and evaluationdata because they are very useful in improving your training for your learners(Phillips, 1997). Following-up extreme feedback after training evaluation (Goad,2010) either directly in person or through related channel allows you to evaluateand gain more insight into learner's reactions.

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