Real-Time Streaming Application for IoT Using Raspberry Pi and Handheld Devices

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Conference Proceeding

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2018 IEEE Global Conference on Internet of Things, GCIoT 2018


IoT (Internet of Things), Quality of service (QoS), Raspberry pi, Streaming service


© 2018 IEEE. Internet of Things (IoT) is in the spotlight because its applications positively impact everyday quality of life. This study aims to develop a cost-effective solution to real time video streaming by using a low-cost ARM (Advanced RISC Machines)-based computer, i.e. Raspberry Pi (RPi). We developed a simple streaming server written in Java that runs efficiently on the RPi and showed that the RPi can support streaming services to multiple devices at once. We also developed a light-weight android application that the server can stream to. The client and server communicate via JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). We divided high quality video into image files with the jpg format, into packets and then transmitted them to multiple handheld devices simultaneously. We conclude that our system anchored in a low-cost ARM-based computer can retain quality of service (QoS) regarding video streaming to multiple handheld devices.

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