Secure Edge-Aided Computations for Social Internet-of-Things Systems

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IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems


Edge computing, Internet of Things (IoT), secure outsourcing computation, social IoT systems.


IEEE Devices in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) are networked and perform massive computations to support various social IoT systems. Applications in social IoT systems often involve complicated computations that are out of the computation capacity of some resource-constrained IoT devices. Thus, how to enable resource-constrained IoT devices to accomplish complex computations efficiently and securely is of significant importance. To address this problem, we develop a secure edge-aided computation scheme for the social IoT systems. We scope the framework of edge-aided computations and identify the security threats in such a system. We define the security requirements that the outsourcing algorithms should meet. Then, we provide two examples of secure outsourcing algorithms (matrix multiplication and modular exponentiation) that meet the given security requirements. The efficiency and security of the proposed algorithms are supported through the theoretical analysis and experimental results.

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