A modeling framework for the application of multi-paradigm simulation methods

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Agent Based, Discrete Event simulation, hybrid simulation, modeling and simulation, MPMF, multi-paradigm modeling framework, System Dynamics, UTASiMo


© The Author(s) 2019. Decisions about modeling and simulation (M&S) of real-world systems need to be evaluated prior to implementation. Discrete Event, System Dynamics, and Agent Based are three different modeling and simulation approaches widely applied to enhance decision-making of M&S of these systems. Combining and/or integrating these methods can provide solutions to a plethora of systems’ problems. However, current solutions and frameworks do not provide guidance for selecting and deploying M&S models. Hence, the aim of this work is to present a generic modeling framework for combining and/or integrating Discrete Event, System Dynamics, and Agent Based simulation approaches. The framework is termed multi-paradigm modeling framework (MPMF). In this paper, we describe the research methodology that was followed for the development of MPMF, the different phases of MPMF, and the generic relationships of forming and deploying multi-paradigm simulation models. Then we evaluate the framework by using it for the implementation of a universal task analysis simulation model (UTASiMo). The MPMF provided guidance on what methods need to be incorporated into the UTASiMo models, what information is exchanged among those models, and how these models are connected and interact with each other.

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