Blended Learning Course Design from the Perspective of Learning Powered by Technology-A Case Study on Computer Networking

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing


1151 AISC

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© 2020, Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Most universities have adopted a traditional classroom-teaching mode for teaching computer networking courses. Moreover, with the limitations of computer networking experimental environment, there tend to incur some issues, such as the discrepancy of theory and practice, poor effect of experimental teaching, students’ lack of professionalism, etc. In this paper, upon the basis of exploring the theory of blended learning, and oriented by adopting appropriate technologies to support learners for critical problem solving, we propose the design mode of blended learning course from the perspective of “Learning Powered by Technology”. In order to provide reference for computer network teaching practice, at the end of the paper, we take computer networking course as a case to study how to apply for the proposed idea to a specific course design. We conducted a survey to investigate the effect of the blended learning course design and obtained encouraged results.

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