Educational modules and research surveys on critical cybersecurity topics

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International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks




Application security, firewall configuration, hands-on experience, web security, wireless network security


© The Author(s) 2020. Cybersecurity comprised all the technologies and practices that protect data as well as computer and network systems. In this article, we develop four course modules on critical cybersecurity topics that can be adopted in college-level cybersecurity courses in which these topics are covered. Our goal for developing these course modules with the hands-on labs is to increase students’ understanding and hands-on experiences on these critical topics that support cyber skills development for college students. The hands-on labs are designed to enhance students’ engagement and provide them hands-on experiences with real-world cyber activities to augment their cyber education of both foundational and advanced skills. We also conduct research surveys on the most-recent significant research in these critical cybersecurity fields. These cybersecurity course modules with the labs are also designed to help college/university professors enhance and update their cybersecurity course content, activities, hands-on lab exercises, and pedagogical methods, as well as emphasize the cyber skills to meet today’s pressing cybersecurity education needs for college students. Our proposed cybersecurity modules with hands-on labs will also help building the nation’s cybersecurity workforce.

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