Quantum cryptography and simulation: Tools and techniques techniques

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Conference Proceeding

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ACM International Conference Proceeding Series

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Quantum cryptography, Quantum key distribution, Security, Simulation


© 2020 ACM. All rights reserved. The advancement of quantum mechanics has accelerated the quantum computer architecture and hardware. However, algorithms and implementations to take the full advantage of entanglements provided by quantum devices are still far behind. Quantum cryptography offers the possibility of theoretically perfect security based on the principles of quantum mechanics, ensuring that the presence of an eavesdropper will be detected before any sensitive information is transmitted. However, the relevant technology is still under development - hardware, though commercially available, is still in an immature state, and the protocols used to implement secure communications using that hardware may still be improved. The use of simulations is an important tool for studying quantum cryptography, as they can enable researchers to make valuable insights at a relatively low cost. The data garnered from working with simulations can provide direction for further research both in the development of new communications protocols and in the improvement of actual hardware systems.

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