ThermoBench: A thermal efficiency benchmark for clusters in data centers

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Parallel Computing




Client-server enterprise applications, Cluster computing, Data centers, Thermal benchmark, Thermal efficiency


© 2020 Elsevier B.V. The energy efficiency of a data center depends on the cooling cost of clusters in the data center. Enhancing thermal efficiency of clusters is a practical approach to reducing energy consumption cost, optimizing scalability, and improving reliability. In this paper, we propose ThermoBench to evaluate the thermal efficiency of computing and storage clusters deployed in data centers. We shed light on the criteria, metrics and challenges of developing a thermal efficiency benchmark. We pay particular attention to clusters running scalable client-server enterprise applications in data centers. Because these applications are quite popular in modern data centers, thermal efficiency benchmarks for clusters providing services to these applications become critical. We characterize workload conditions in such a cluster computing environment in forms of client sessions of multiple transactional requests. To resemble real-world applications, ThermoBench makes use of the TPC-W benchmark to change transactional requests mix and load over time. We apply ThermoBench to evaluate the thermal efficiency of a real-world cluster. Experimental results show that ThermalBench provides a simple yet powerful benchmark solution for assessing thermal behaviours of computing clusters in data centers as well as offers thermal-aware scheduling strategies during the course of requests dispatching.

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