The Development of a Model Comprehensive Needs-Based Guidance System and Modular Instructional Strategies: A Project Overview

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During 1973-74, ESEA Title III funds became available for the development of a "Model Comprehensive Needs-Based Guidance System and Modular Instructional Strategies" for the state of Georgia. The proposal called for a new conceptualization of guidance; one that derives its goals and objectives from the developmental needs of students. There were six major objectives of the project: (1) to develop a comprehensive needs-based guidance system, (2) to develop a comprehensive list of process-related competencies required of counselors, (3) to develop a modular delivery system for the training of counselor competencies, (4) to field test the competency-based instructional modules, (5) to field test the efficiency of a needs-based guidance system, and (6) to develop a competency-based system for the certification of counselors. A tentative schematic representation of the model is appended. (Author/RC)

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