The promise and the promises: partnerships from a university perspective

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Winter 1997

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Teacher Educator


Volume 32

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The writers, two faculty members, discuss issues related to the initiation of a partnership between the School of Education at Oregon State University and two middle schools. The partnership, known as the Professional Development School, was created in order connect those responsible for the education of children. The partnership was found to be beneficial in that professional collaboration was developed between the university and public school faculties. Tensions that occurred involved conflicts with the university's reward system, the length of time to build trust, difficulties in establishing collaborative research agendas and balancing two worlds, and feelings of isolation from university colleagues and activities. There have been assurances that the university's reward system will change to give priority to work in schools, but this remains to be a great concern for nontenured staff. Despite this, these partnerships have great potential for influencing change in teacher education.

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