WEB-Folio: INTASC Principles to Danielson's Framework

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Based upon the need for assessment of teachers, both pre-service and in-service, Columbus State University (Ohio) is in the process of modifying all education courses to include reference to and use of Danielson Framework linked to current structure, which used INTASC (Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium) Principles. Adaptation of standards for assessment to better address the assessment parameters of Danielson's Framework is being done through a visual presentation. By using Inspiration to design the flow chart, and also construction of a WEB-Folio template, they are better able to show how it may serve as the assessment tool. The timeline began with inclusion of INTASC Principles during the NCATE review and has continues to be a primary tool for student teacher observation. As the University adapts to the use of the Framework, in preparation for utilization in fall 2001, courses are being modified, students are being acquainted with the domains, and a phase-in plan is being developed that allows for adjustment and absorption by both faculty and students. This paper deals with the adaptation, the basic frameworks domains, and how the final WEB-Folio was designed to work in this assessment.

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