James Brewbaker

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A teacher educator with an over-sized class describes an experiment with peer teaching. The class of 'fifteen students was divided into groups of three, defined as "mutual support groups;" with each member contributing to and responsible for the performance of others. The first task assigned these "trios" was to identify desirable competencies, compare them with the other small groups in the class, and finally arrive at mutually agreed upon goals upon which evaluation of performance could be based. In the field these students were assigned to different schools so the group could receive maximum exposure to different teachers, students, and perspectives on curriculum. Shortly before an active week of student teaching, the trios met to discuss plans for their mini-units, to schedule days for cross-visitation, and to share concerns about likely problems with students or cooperating teachers. Observation and evaluation of members of the group took place during student teaching. The author concludes that this method of instruction, properly organized and supervised, has considerable merit.

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