The Faculty Bibliography highlights the scholarship and creativity of Columbus State University's faculty.


Submissions from 2019


Basics of Copyright: Information That You Should Know, Jacqueline Radebaugh


Open Access and Open Educational Resources, Jacqueline Radebaugh


Story of Creative Commons, Jacqueline Radebaugh

Submissions from 2018


The Forgotten History of Memorial Day, Richard Gardiner


The Emergence and Evolution of Memorial Day, Richard Gardiner, P. Michael Jones, and Daniel Bellware


Linked Data, Bibframe and RDA Walk Into a Bar..., Amy B. Parsons


Making Scholarship Accessible in the CSU Press, Jacqueline Radebaugh and Julie Caulder

Submissions from 2017

Ranger: A Soldier's Life, Ralph Puckett and Daniel Crosswell

Submissions from 2016


Reimagining The Library’s Connection To Student Success:An Assessment Revelation, Alison Cook, Paula Adams, Florence Wakoko, and Paul Luft

Assessment of Learning and Technology: Computer Science Education, a chapter in "Handbook of Research on Learning Outcomes and Opportunities in the Digital Age”, Hillary G. Fleenor and Rania Hodhod

From bounce to the mainstream: Hip hop representations of post-Katrina New Orleans in music, film and television, Courtney George

Closing the Cognitive Gap between Humans and Interactive Narrative Agents Using Shared Mental Models, Rania Hodhod and Brian Magerko


Connecting the Concept Map with Library Research, Paul Luft


Connecting the Concept Map with Library Research: Taking the Concept Map One Step Further to Link to Library Research, Paul Luft

Human capital, collegiality, and stardom in economics: empirical analysis, Franklin Mixon, Kamal Upadhyaya, and João Faria

Human capital, collegiality, and stardom in economics: empirical analysis, Franklin Mixon, Kamal Upadhyaya, and João Faria

Ronnie’s, Nick Norwood

The U.S. Housing Market and the Dynamic Pricing of Housing Duration, Tidwell, O; Jauregui, Andres; Seagraves, P; and Gallimore, P

Speakers of the Dead, Aaron Sanders

SEI-model for Social Messages, Nita H. Shah, Bijal M. Yeolekar, and Nehal J. Shukla

Inflation Hedging Properties of Regional Chinese Real Estate Markets: Evidence from 35 Cities in China, Wu, Y and Tidwell, O

Submissions from 2015

Botanical origin, color, granulation, and sensory properties of the Harenna forest honey, Nale, Ethiopia, Samuel Abegaz

Sample Selection Approaches to Estimating a Dynamic Cash Differential, Jauregui, Andres; Tidwell, O; and Hite, D

Data Divination: Big Data Strategies 1st Edition, Pam Baker


A Laurentian Margin Back-Arc: The Ordovician Wedowee-Emuckfaw-Dahlonega Basin, Clinton Barineau