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How do I begin to describe how this experience has been? Do I explain the frustrations, excitements...anxieties? The one thing I can point to as an excellent learning experience is putting dependable people by your side to help when you feel so. damn, inadequate. Take Toni, for instance—I asked her in a time of desperation for some help with InDesign. She was there and was dependable. Toni put in the hours, and we built this together. Or, take Zach, my main reader. He was ready to receive 15 emails at a time when I needed things read over quickly. The staff at Columbus State was always ready to help if I needed a key or an answer to a question. I suppose the most valuable thing about this journey has been growing in humility and out of the humility learning it’s okay to ask forhelp .If I hadn’t, I would have dropped this project a long time ago, and it would have never seen the light of day. So,many thanks to all of you who have stood by my side during this endeavor. Thank you to all who have submitted, because we definitely wouldn’t be anywhere without your dedication to your craft. Thank you to the CSU staff. And, thank you to all of our readers. May our words embody our hearts, attitudes, and love for the world around us. And may they live in the hands and in the minds of our readers for many years.

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arden 2019